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Powerboat license category "A"

The powerboat licence category 'A' permits the driving of watercrafts with mechanical propulsion of more than 8 horsepower (6kw) on Swiss waters. To obtain the licence, it is necessary to pass a theoretical and a practical examination.


  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Medical examination from age 65
  • Eye examination

For preparation for the theoretical examination, you can refer to various e-learning systems or use the official manual.

An average of 20 to 30 hours of practical lessons are required to prepare for the practical examination, depending on any previous knowledge already acquired. This number may vary depending on the student's learning ability and previous experience. The practical lessons are generally held individually.

It is also possible to do practice hours with your own boat, accompanied by someone who already holds a licence in the above-mentioned category.


Knowledge and manoeuvres required to pass the practical examination:
  • Mooring the boat to the cleat, bollard, ring and pole
  • Knots
  • Course Determination
  • Position detection
  • Fire Fighting
  • Handling of failures
  • Engine failure
  • Weather assessment and measures
  • Anchoring manoeuvres
  • Departure and landing at a pontoon to starboard and port side
  • Manoeuvres in restricted space
  • Bow and Stern Landing
  • Man over board
  • Navigation on different courses
  • Nautical terms

For family members of professional fishermen working together or apprentices in possession of a valid apprenticeship contract as a professional fisherman, boat builder or boat maintainer, the minimum age for obtaining a cat. A licence is 16 years. Permits may only be used in connection with the exercise of professional activity during working time.


Costs for the categori "A" License
Practical lessons
lesson 1h 130.--
e-learning access
e-learning access practical sailing  60.--
e-learning access practical powerboat  35.--
official theory manual D / F / I  89.--
costs issued by authorities
administration 30.--
theory test  30.--
practical test 100.--
release of license 50.--
release of international license (ICC) 50.--


Regsitration form for nautical license to send to Sezione della Circolazione, completed with the requested documentation and attacments.