The Surprise from the French builder Archambault was first produced in 1977. It’s a boat which is very easy to handle and very responsive to the helm, therefore perfect for learning purposes.It’s a wide spread vessel throughout all Europe and on the Swiss lakes as well. With a good speed at all points of sail, very responsive to the helm and easy to handle, the Surprise owes its outstanding success to its exceptional marine qualities. First produced in 1977, its reputation has spread throughout Europe where there are now more than 1800 of these boats.


  • Length H.T : 7,65 mBeam max : 2,48 m
  • Draft : 0,8 à 1,60 m
  • Displacement : 1350 kg
  • Ballast: 600 kg
  • Mainsail : 16.50 m2
  • Genoa : 15.00 m2
  • Spi : 45.00 m2